Sunday, June 11, 2017

My Current Project - Solution for Humanity

My study is currently on OTEC - Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Technology. It has so many advantages and little downside to it. It may perhaps be the only solution for mankind in terms of energy and source of water.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Book

Hai, It has been a while since I wrote anything here as I am so busy completing my thesis.

Actually, I wanted to present the book later upon discussing the application of the theory that I formulated but due to time constraints, I would like share the book straight with everyone out there.

Time spent for reading would be around 3 hours 40 estimated by using edgestudio.

A synopsis of the book. 

It discusses the issues of who are we and why we are here in this world? It aims to find the universal truth about our existence, the purpose of creation and the purpose of life. Questions which are crucial in today’s environment as we are living in times of ever increasing immoral practices, corruptions, oppression, greed and other destructive behaviours prevailing throughout the world.

It attempts to present a simplistic approach in order to give a universal answer to these questions as well as our relationship with God. With the hope that it will offer a more logical and practical solution that portrays better of our love towards God, mankind, wildlife, environment and most importantly, towards ourselves.
Finding Truth

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Who are we?

This question should be met with an obvious answer... what else if it is not '...we are humans'. 

However applying Socratic method of inquiries, our next logical question would be ...what is 'humans'? and further logical question thereafter would naturally be "how this word originates?" and most importantly "what differentiate us from 'non-humans'?"

One could further expect that a layman answer to this would be something along the line of '...we are humans as an extant (existing) members of Hominina tribe (distance ape like link) of some kind and one the thing that distinguish us from 'others' is in our superiority of thinking as compared to others, based on our mental capabilities and the ability to rationalize'. Thus that is why we all call ourselves humans. 

However, if we can claim that we are indeed humans because we are different from others, based on our extraordinary capabilities of thinking, then the next logical question should be about why we have such capabilities? Is it a mere coincidence or is there any purpose to it? 

We as humans are different from 'non-humans' because we constantly thinking about things concerning ourselves or of those that surrounds us. We are basically thinking beings. For example, just observe at how you think about your look every morning before you start the rest of the day? You say you don't? Well then, why bother taking a bath, brush your teeth or wearing any clothes at all if you are not worried about what other people think (Do non-humans think of what they want to wear like we do?... I guess not). 

Thus we are constantly using our thinking capabilities (though I might say at most of the time in a counterproductive manner). Not only that, because of such constant thinking, we end up at most of the time arguing with others about things that we don't agree on. The fact is, whether we realise it or not, we never agree about a lot of things because of our ability to think, evaluate and re-evaluate our stand. 

Because of this thinking faculties, we formulate opinions. We constantly believe in our own perception of what is 'right' and what is 'wrong', formulated through thinking especially on moral issues. We impose our own standards towards others and expect them to follow them, while ever willing to immediately judge and reprimand them if they don't. All these are mainly because we are able to think, therefore causing us to have our own unique views where we are at most of the times would stand strong by it.  

I thus arrive at a simple answer and I believe that it is a realistic and logical one, that we humans are indeed superior compared to other 'non-humans' due to our abilities to think, but that status has also left us at a constant state of confusion as to continuously having different opinions which contradicts someone else.  All are due to the nature that we are extraordinary thinkers, from the moment we were born to the last seconds before we die. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Journey

I have spent nearly a year off my PhD time just to look into this subject. It was also the time where I have been deeply troubled with a personal problem (just like many PhD students who undergo this journey of knowledge) resulting to a state where I can't really concentrate on my studies.

However, I believe that the time spent is worthwhile, as being the most integral part of my PhD journey in totality; the ability to understand the concept of 'ontology' and 'epistemology'. Formulating the basic foundation of all PhD research. Without such understanding, would likely make the object of your research lose its basis, just like the foundation of a building, eventually becoming weak and fragile and might probably be prone to collapse.

Secondly, this journey is also what I wanted to do all my life, to embark into finding out about Truth, God and Religion. While at the same time trying to link them together with what is happening in the world we are living in today, full of chaos and disarray. I want to be able to contribute to myself and others about what we can observe and understand so that we could bring calm back into our lives, thus prepare ourselves toward the ultimate reality that no one can deny ...death.